3D Modeling

Computer modeling allows for rapid ideation, allowing a project to quickly and efficiently evolve. Seeing an idea in the round allows for functional and aesthetic choices to be made, new ideas to be tested, and materiality and structure of a piece to be flushed out before the build process begins.

Structural Design

Many projects need structural engineering. Our designers have worked extensively with load bearing and large scale structures which allows us to choose appropriate materials and design efficient and modular systems, ensuring your project will be structurally sound and safe for the public. Drawings and ongoing communication with your structural engineer ensure your project is approved efficiently, saving time and cost.


A rendered model helps to develop and communicate the aesthetic and material choices of a project. Whether you are proposing an idea to a prospective client or submitting for a grant, we can provide you with the images you need to effectively and elegantly display your ideas.

Other Services

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