Aesthetic and Structural Design for Spaces, Artists, and Events

We offer a wide array of services for all stages of making your project come to life. Our designers have years of hands-on experience in fabrication shops ensuring aesthetically intriguing, functional, and streamlined designs. Whether you have a solidified project ready to go or you want to develop an idea, Whiptail Designs can help make your dreams a reality.


We offer design services for a wide range of industries. From public art and interactive design, to structural design and branding, we are here to help.

Our Services

From the initial planning to the deployment of a project, our design team will work with you to develop and support your vision. We offer modeling, CNC files, build plans, pitch decks, and much more.

About Us

We are artists and builders who want to make the world beautiful.

Selected Works

A selection of some of our past projects

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